Posted by: Dakota on 05/10/2011 at 2:50 pm. Filed under News, Sports.

Please don’t tell me that you cant take a look at what happens in the regular season because if anyone watched the Celtics this year could clearly see how Glen “Big Baby” Davis have fallen off a cliff of productivity!

How important is he to the Celts? Well consider this…. When Perk was here and healthy Doc Rivers would most always have Big Baby on the floor finishing not only regular season games but also championship playoff ones!

I really wish Doc just could have looked at what Baby has given us recently and realized that he’s got nothing in the tank to contribute to the Celtics.  By removing him completely from the rotation it would be …insert cliché here…”addition by subtraction”…

Here is one man’s vote to have a DNPCD (Did Not Play Coaches Decision) for the Big Baby’s stat line for the rest of this series!