Posted by: Dakota on 04/08/2012 at 11:36 am. Filed under Sports.

Who is to Blame?

Lets just start off by saying that any business – baseball, retail or anything else cannot overcome 30% of its spend getting a negative ROI (Return on Investment).  That’s right folks…. the red sox have 4 players on this years roster starting out with a negative return which makes up 30% of payroll. Carl Crawford (19.5 mill), Lackey (15 mill), Daiske (10 mill), and Jenks (6 mill) total over $50 million of a 2012 red sox payroll coming in between $160-$170 million.

The allocation of budgeted payroll in any business can ultimately dictate success or failure, good or bad business.

If you were starting a new team and wanted to slot where your most expensive players would be it’s pretty easy to understand what is the most important factor on winning.  For starting pitching it’s your top 3 in the rotation. In the bullpen its your closer and setup man.  As for positional players you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know it should start up the middle…Ill rank the following – 1. SS …2. CF…3. Catcher and 4. 2B. If you look at this year’s payroll only Jacoby and Dustin (each $8 mill) fit into this model.  The red sox highest paid positional players are corner players…Agon, Crawford, Youk and Ill throw Ortiz into the mix cause he only DH’s.  Those four players, which of course do not play any positions up the middle account for $67 million dollars or 40% of total payroll and even more glaring is $67 of $90 million (74%) allocated to positional players.

To me this is just laughable!

I understand that in this day and age you pay for production and most production will come and is supposed to from your corners but more players up the middle now are also putting up big production numbers.

Again its about wasted spend which when you break this down is just god awful!

As for your two most important positions in the bullpen…. well we all know this… Our closer is in Philly and our set up man is the starting rotation.

Who is to blame? Is it the owner? Is it Lucchino? Was it Theo? Ben? — Well John Henry clearly stated that Larry Lucchino runs baseball operations….right? With that being said…. Theo and Terry are gone…they moved Ben up the ladder and Larry is still in charge.  So the question is …since Larry is the man at the top maybe its Lucchino that needs to go.  We will find out real quick who is running the mother ship if there is more conflict coming out of Fenway.  If it continues will John Henry pull the plug on his #1 sidekick?…. Only time will tell.