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$1 Million Dollar Prize Pool Up For Grabs!

So I decided to take the plunge finally and enter the Las Vegas Hilton Super Book Contest. The way it works is simple… you pony up $1500 and enter the name of your choice … then each week you pick 5 games against the spread..and much like a poker tournament they pool together all the money into a prize pool and payout the top 30 – 1st gets top prize (about 33% of the total pool).

I’ve been following this every year since I met one of my good friends that lives in Vegas who won this contest way back in 1994.  He finished that season with a 55-29-1 record against the spread, which was good enough for 1st place that paid him $100k…. needless to say he blew through that money as quick as you can say #yo-11.

Last year the total entries reached 750 paying out a 1st place prize of $450k (total money pool was $1.125 mill)

Each and every year the winner has a success rate between 66-68% against the spread… so if you think you can pick 2 out of 3 winners then this is the best investment of your life! – Don’t forget though you need to pick 5 games every week – not just 3.

This year they are expecting over 1000 entries and will be paying the top 30 spots with 1st place paying about $500k.

I’m going under the name — wait for it……. so this way if I do win this thing Ill get the credit deserved…or if I totally tank…. then you can all beat me up! LOL —

My week 1 picks are as follows:

Denver -7.5 over Baltimore

Pitt -7 over Tenn

Chicago -3 over Cinn

Miami +1 over Cleveland

Dallas -3.5 over Giants

There you have it!!! 5-0 please!!!!

Here is the link to the site:

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