Posted by: Dakota on 09/27/2013 at 2:34 pm. Filed under News.

After 3 weeks I’m In Solid Position Out Of The 1034 Entries!

Week 3 is now in the books and for the masses in the contest it was a brutal week with the top 3 selections all-losing.  I ended up picking up ground going 3-1-1 against the spread, which puts me tied in 45th place – for the season I’m now at 8-5-2 for a total of 9 points in the contest.  The leader has 12.5 points and then there is a small group with 11 points – either way there are 44 out of 1034 that have more points than I do.  Don’t forget the top 30 at the end of week 17 will get paid with about $550k going to the winner!

Here are my week 4 picks:

Jags + 7.5 over Indy

T.B. -2.5 over Arizona

Detroit – 3 over Chicago

Giants + 4 over KC

Miami + 6.5 over New Orleans

There you have it – hopefully I can get at least 3 or more wins out of that group and stay in the hunt!

Here below is the link to the contest – they have the weekly standings (I’m listed as and they post everyone’s selections Saturday late afternoon.

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