Posted by: Dakota on 12/01/2013 at 11:22 am. Filed under News, Sports, Stock Market Opinion.

Sports thoughts  – NFL Superbook Contest Update… and look out below for the stock market!

Still trying to get my head around the thought of Robinson Cano making more than $20 mill a year…I mean he is good and all but how much better is he than Pedroia who settled in on the $16 mill area – But really…$28 mill is what he wants?

Why are there reports out there that Stephen Drew might be back at SS with the Red Sox??? Didn’t we trade away a lifetime gold glove winner with Iglesias to make room for XB? The Sox are now free rolling after winning the World Series – lets see a full year with Middlebrooks at 3b and XB at short!

Has Rondo been traded yet??? Please trade him and Jeff Green…I really want a 3 year rebuilding project so we could end up with a Durant-Westbrook -Harden scenario for the future – this way its not just 1 championship but a string of them –

Still cant figure out why the 23 year old founder of Snapchat turned down $3 billion dollars for his company from Facebook…this will go down as one of the worst executive decisions of this decade – even if he gets a few more billion next year there are two many risk factors that could easily make this worth a lot less!

As for the Stock Market... well lets just say that the FED induced bubble is about to pop! – Major indexes – Dow-16k – Nasdaq 4000 – SP500 – 1800 – should all have major corrections from these levels – could be as early as this final month of 2013 – if not 2014 will be a disaster year in the stock market –

Finally – I’m still hanging into contention for the NFL Super Book contest – 1034 entries with a prize pool of $1.55 million – $550k going for first place – I got as high as 25th place after week 11 but after a 1-3-1 in week 12 I fell back to 60th -with 5 weeks left I need to reel off a few 4-1 weeks to make the money!