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Every now and then I come across something that garners a very High Risk-Reward scenario in the stock market – and if and when that opportunity becomes available I basically try to go “All-In” with it – One company that I have been following very closely over the past year is this one – ZIOP – what I like is finding a small company (ZIOP currently has a $320 million dollar market cap) that has tons of short and near term catalysts while giving me technical indicators on price movement – well after pulling back from a recent high of $5.50 a share in the beginning of April and hitting a low this past Friday of $2.87 the stock rallied nicely throughout the rest of Friday closing above the previous days high of 3.22 –

Here below is my most recent post from one of the biotech forums I participate in:

ZIOP just made a very bullish technical indicator making an outside reversal on the daily chart – $3.23

ZIOP made a very key technical reversal on Friday — as we all know ZIOP has corrected quite a bit since hitting that 5.50 last month – since that time ZIOP as been falling ever since trying to repair itself technically – ZIOP got caught with all the other small bio’s losing about 40% of value from recent highs – as we have recently tested the low 3 area over the last week we finally made a reversal pattern in the down trend on Friday – this is when a stock makes a new low from the previous day (Thursday) – made lower low on Friday morning – then rallies and closes over the previous close and more importantly the high of the day on Thursday — ZIOP did this buy closing at 3.23 on Friday – these technical reversals are not 100% but they have a very high percentage of being valid and I rather have a high percentage than not when trading/investing —

There are also some key fundamental things that are happening soon in the next few weeks to few months that could also bring ziop back up to the mid 5 to 6 area — phase 2 data – asco abstracts and big pharma partnership — with these catalysts and technicals improving we should now see much higher price appreciation starting next week —

My 2014 targets on ZIOP are $8-$10 a share by the end of 2014 and $17-$20 plus in 2015 — and depending on how things go in the next 3-5-10 years this has the potential of being a once in a generation type stock and hit $100-$200 a share in that long term timeline — with 100 mill shares outstanding a $10 – $20 billion dollar market cap is not unheard of in this sector over a 10-20 year time period –

Also – one other thing that has been putting pressure on ziop

After the end of the upcoming week all the cheap shares under that 1.50-1.70 area that traded last year when ziop fell out of bed will have become long term cap gains and profit taking from is over-